Thursday, July 23


Here is Eitan's classmate pal Luke ("Lucozade") who is from an impeccable family. His sister goes to one of the most prestigious secondary schools in London and his family vacations in St Lucia on a sailing boat hopping from island to island.

Luke uses knife and fork properly, placing his utensils on the plate between bites. I quizz him on multiplications and he knows his tables.

These kids have boundless energy and, though I might try, it near impossible for me to entertain them as I once did. I am out of shape not having spent large chunks of time with the brats since Christmas BUT I pride myself on being goofy at their level, a wonderful training from my mother. 

Today instead I find myself reading the riot-act on several occasions and giving Freddy a time-out for rude behavior (says he: "so what?" and looks at me coolly). Sometimes it is a matter of breaking their will. One. Day. At. A. Time.

Madeleine: "Dad, you are the best dad ever. And it is not like there is a lot of choice."