Thursday, July 30


Thursday, and I have the kids all to myself. The day begins promisingly - sunny and kids in a good mood until Madeleine learns, to her horror - public transportation! She breaks into tears "can't we just take the car, dad? Oh, please .." I consider her sad sack for a moment but no way. Firstly, traffic into town a drag. Then: £8 congestion charge which I would probably forget to pay netting an £80 fine; then parking and finally the planet. Why on earth would we not take public transpo? which gets us exactly to where we want to go: Green Park in Mayfair for breakfast at The Wolseley. A nice bonus is we talk, something which rarely happens when driving and the tuned out passengers watch their urban existence sail by. So on the train, I receive favorable looks: aww, dad with his children. A younger fellow vacates his seat so we can sit together; a lady comments that Eitan and Madeleine well behaved. I'm, like, what? The Shakespeares well behaved? To their credit they are not running around or shouting (to my credit, they know the Hand of God will fall upon them for such behavior). Self contained we comment on various things like Battersea Power which flashes by or who Manchester United will buy with the £81MM transfer money from Ronaldo. It's an ad-ven-tur, which we all enjoy happily once en route. My photo from Waterloo Station underground.