Tuesday, July 21


Here's a rather intense shot of Marcus from his visit several months ago. Picture on nearby Sheen common.

A key perk of l'Europe are the vacation days, which leave Americans incredulous. Here's why (WTO):

Italy42 days
France37 days
Germany35 days
Brazil34 days
United Kingdom28 days
Canada26 days
Korea25 days
Japan25 days
U.S.13 days

And in the UK, some jobs better than others:
NHS - 35 days+ten days of study leave
GPs - four to six weeks
Academia - 33-35 days+days with uni closed
Armed Forces: 30 days
Charity Workers: six weeks
McDonald's: 28 days
Nurses: minimum four weeks, increasing with seniority
Bankers: six weeks
Government: 30 days
Retail: 21 days
Chefs: four weeks
Farmworkers: 31 days
Hairdressers: 28 days
Accountants: 25
(The Times)

And private equity fundraisers, you ask? About 45 weeks.