Wednesday, June 3

Hot Dog

The kids wiggy with baseball, crowds, junk food and hot dogs, Auntie Katie, Jeremie and the grand-parents as the Yankees play the TX Rangers. Life does not get much better than this. Eitan remembers the rules from the Rockies while Madeleine just goes with the adrenaline. A pounding, seven run third inning puts NY up for good and Madeleine and I high-five each other and pump our fists for joy. Go team. Eitan reluctantly admits that he enjoys the national past-time but nothing like football, where his true love placed. He spends his pre-game watching DVD highlites of Manchester United from previous seasons. Since he has seen it a gazillion times before, he alerts me: "watch this shot by [Ryan] Giggs!" or "Ronaldo is going to make the penalty shot." The re-plays allow him to actually enjoy the game - any true blooded football fan will tell you the anticipation during a match murder and ManU's recent loss to Barcelona pins and needles (Eitan to me during the game: "Dad, please don't talk to me now."). After baseball we take the MetroNorth straight to Bronxville concluding a perfect New York evening.