Friday, May 22

Sweetie Pie

Here is the aptly named Sweetie Pie, who has been a part of my parent's house these past four years when Grace found her ferrill, neglected and underfed being the runt of a litter. Grace popped the cat into a pillow-case then my sister's bedroom for several months until sure the cat not going any where. As with many things receiving love and attention, Sweetie Pie has thrived and one of the most patient and affectionate cats I know. Madeleine, of course, fallen in love with her and on occassion has asked my parents to put the phone by the cat so she can talk to her. Madeleine to the cat, that is.

I am at the Cal Rec Center early this morning to do some leg exercises as part of Martin's marathon program. I am always impressed by the young people, even at this early hour, and it is a joy be surrounded by youth. At the very least, it gives me something to look at - oh boy. I bump into Jack Ball who was my Jr High PE teacher and is just as fit and healthy as I last recall. Jack and my dad are gym buddies along with a crew of six or so early-bird work-out junkies. We catch each other up a bit and compare notes on Berkeley, hiking trails and peiople we have known over 30 years. At one point I owned the school's seventh-grade mile record of 5:30, but broken same year by John Pokorney who completed the track in 5:20. Woosh. I admit to some unfair advantage from swimming twice a day back then. John, on the other hand, a natural athlete and he cranked on his own ability. He went on to play tennis and I saw his sister Carolyne (a swimmer) this week at the Berkeley Y, where Moe a Director. These long standing friendships gold-dust.