Friday, May 22

Salix and Jeanine

Salix is six months and Guy and Jeanine's first grand-child, though they expect number-two any day know. There is a lot to be grateful for, too, given Guy's cancer scare and septic shock - he tells me that the doctors gave him a 5% chance of survival and if not for his being a serious hiker and cyclist he would not be with us today. Guy and I talk finance and politics, which are topics that have always engaged us and nobody more connected into the Northern California political scene then he. We wonder why Democrats choose to engage the opposition rather than getting on with their agenda - the Republican party today discredited and irrelevant and should be ignored, really. And yet here are the Democrats feeling on the defensive in self-destructive mode already .. Majority Harry Reid not enforcing discipline and there is inside sniping and potential break-aways weakening us in anticipation of massive objectives yet ahead with the financial system, health care and social obligations like social security to be tackled. We need a Tom Delay or somebody everybody will listen to.. and support with the bucks. Guy for his part, being a major organiser and supporter of the party, has contacted Senator Reid noting that if a promised progressive agenda not pursued he wants his money back. This netted a request for a private meeting, which Guy may or may not accept. For us liberals, New York, Southern California and NorCal are the gold mines. So the world very different from twelve months ago and we are all relieved Guy with us to continue to fight the good fight. Jeanine loads me up with books and presents for Eitan and Madeleine. Salix's sweater and cap BTW knitted by Jeanine.