Saturday, May 30

My Pet

We sit in Bryant Park on a muggy early afternoon and Madeleine sneaks up on me to put leaves down the back of my shirt: "did you notice me there, dad?" as I take her photograph. HSBC sponsors a little book corner for kids and Sonnet reads happily to them while I mess around taking photographs. Too much to see and take in. There is also a carousel which the Shakespears beg for and win, over my preliminary early miserly objections. Me the Grinch - but it is $2 a go and that seems like real money, oh boy. Initially our aim to take the kids into the NY Public Library (I have never been myself) but too warm a day+the we need to burn off some steam having sat around this morning while I made work calls. A 30 minute promise always comes in around two hours. I think they are used to it - but hey, they get to gorge on TV which is (usually) a rarity - only after homework, though, which seems to be a bit slack for now Sonnet and I agree.

Madeleine beside herself when she finds her penguin buddy's legs broken off. She to Sonnet: "who could have done this mum? Why oh why?" and to me: "I am very sad right now." I tell he she will just have to love the penguin regardless of its legs. Love it more so, in fact. She remains hopeful: "I know crazy glue can fix her."

After dinner, we stroll to Katie's pet store on 102nd and Broadway. Madeleine pleads for a pet and I tell her a cat, as long as we kill and stuff it for the plane ride home. I add helpfully: "I will get a large mallot .." Madeleine glares at me.

Me to Sonnet, Madeleine listening: "Let's get a goat. That should travel well."

In the pet store Madeleine bonds with the mice: "Dad we have to buy them so they are not fed to the snake!"

Eitan unsure when I tell him the squirrels in New York City talk, just like in the movie Madagascar. I prove my point by chirping at one who seems to pay attention before darting up a tree. Eitan: "Mom! Is that true?"