Wednesday, March 4


Here I am Sunday or any old day in Richmond Park. My cow suit meant for the London Marathon which I will run 26 April for charity. Hence the outfit. We pull into the car-park and, rather unfortunately for everybody really, it is well crowded. The kids, being kids, accept the weirdness in stride - another example of dad being dad. (How can I forget my freshman year at Brown when my mother greeted me for parent's week end in a Gorilla mask+ape gloves?) Indeed I do recognise the occasional raised eyebrow or even smirk. I ask Sonnet to take a few quick photographs and we are out of there quickly. A potentially explosive moment occurs as we depart and I am cut-off unnecessarily by a careless driver in a Range Rover - a car I detest on principal. For a brief moment there is a flare up then I remind myself: I... am . ... dressed.. . . as... a.. . . .. cow . . . .

Here is Marcus on facebook, which I am trying to figure out yet and he gets about right I think:

Well, it's been good for getting in touch with old friends, but it's a stupid way to keep up communications. Vacuous would about cover it. It's designed exactly for teens and twenties, and does its job well – which is to make the mundane seem important. Seems that's about what that age group is looking for.