Friday, February 27

Rankings, The Mayor And No Desert

And I am happy - Friday! I receive a complementary issue of "Compliance Monthly" whose tag line is "Practical, plain English guidance to the world of compliance." God, I would jump from a bridge before reading this. Here are some of the stories: "Document management a priority for 2009" and "Where next for the Regulator?" ZZZZzzzzzz. Trailhead Capital, based on fund sizes closed in 2008, ranks 17th in the world following groups like Lazards, CSFB and Monument. Not bad for a one-man-band. I'll celebrate by going to bed early. Yesterday, when I ask Eitan how his day has been and he's replied with the usual "everything same, dad" he recalls his lunch where he and a small group of his miniature colleagues show the Mayor Of Richmond around the school. This honor bestowed upon him as a class-room rep - a position selected by his fellow-students in a vote of hands. He's fairly matter-of-fact about such blessings and explains how he took Her Royalness to see the new school kitchen and the Tim Bernard Lee auditorium. The Mayor asks all sorts of questions like "what's your favorite lunch meal?" I understand from Eitan that the kids handled themselves maturely, no farting or speaking out of line though a boy from another class was loudly concerned about missing afternoon class. Just another day, ho-hum. Madeleine, meanwhile, always makes it interesting: she lies to our nanny about school treats to get more at home and caught out by her best friend Jackson, who later on tells the truth unaware of Madeleine's earlier, ahem, position. Madeleine of course angry at Jackson, there's a row, and I come home to no-desert for her. Again. I love Madeleine for it.