Thursday, December 25

Buddy 93 Scores!

We walk in the Isabella Plantation after "My Fair Lady" and "Oklahoma" where I am surprised to know every single song despite having never seen the Rogers and Hammerstein before. The song I know best is the opening ballad "Oh What A Beautiful Morning" which Moe sang every morning at 5:30AM waking me and Katie for swim-practice. Thank you Moe. Richmond Park is otherwise shut-down for the winter and the gardens mostly out of bloom excluding a small number of winter flowers and shrubs. Madeleine brings along yet-to-be-named Buddy number 93 who we can see here going for a strike on goal. From Richmond Eitan begs me for more football so we conclude at Sheen Common for pick-up. Madeleine earns 15 quid BTW catching me or doing various exercises - the money makes it exciting for both of us and probably not a good plan but hey, whatever motivates. Meanwhile Karen and Andrew arrive with two of their three goosing Christmas gifts like an electric scooter (Jackson) and new bike (Lauren). Jackson is a fleet foot and we play sides until the sun is well-set, though Eitan enters a huff about leaving. The kid would play 24/7 if he could.

Madeleine and I leave the common, which is dark and rather spooky. Me to her: "If you don't hurry up - ghosts."
Madeleine: "No such thing as ghosts, Dad."
Me: "Of course there are."
Madeleine, matter of factly: "There aren't. I know."
Me: "Well, do you believe in Santa Claus?"
She: "Of course I do." Long pause. "And he is not a ghost."