Monday, November 10


Here is Goldfrapp who Sonnet and I catch at a sold-out Brixton Academy (lead singer Alison not pictured, photo from the Telegraph). Goldfrapp is a Brit-pop group known for electronic dance music and, ahem, visual theatrics. The band formed in 1999 in London with Alison doing the vocals and synthesizer and Will Gregory also synthesizer (pictured on right). A small symphony quartet sits at one side while the back-up chorus wear ram-sculls and ghostly dresses. Intermittently partially clad exotics prance about the stage showing us their everything; a pole magically appears to add to the, er, levity. Goldfrapp's voice is clear and perfectly suited for her sound - ethereal pops to mind. Adding to the fun are Gareth and Richard, who we saw earlier this year at their nuptuals in Shoreditch. Gareth works at the V&A as a furniture curator while Richard is a recognised fashion designer. In short, the perfect double date for the disco.

Arthur on the earth-moon thing:
"By the way, most people imagine the moon goes around a "stationary" earth. It doesn't. Imagine you put Madeleine into orbit around you using a rope on an ice rink. Although she weighs less than you, you wouldn't be able to stand still. Pretty soon, you'd be going in circles as well. You two would be locked in mutual orbits. your circle would be small and hers would be bigger. In fact, both circles would be centered on the same point on the ice and that point would be between you and her, but closer to you than her because you're heavier. That's what happens with the earth and the moon.