Wednesday, October 15


Well, I am sure the ten of you are getting tired of my rants and raves about the financial crisis or Sarah Palin - It is just that Palin is so much fun. She ticks the boxes for any middle aged soccer-dad: sexy, confident, filled with with vile, conservative rhetoric and completely clueless. Did I mention she is good looking? Any ways, I take the kids to yoga this morning and we play "tag" while waiting for instructor Penny. I can no longer simply move to avoid being "it" and must apply a move or two. Luckily my Jewish basketball legacy is front-and-centre in testing moments like now - lest you laugh, Abe Saperstein (related to Guy) founded the Harlem Globetrotters back in 1926, now that Jew played ball even if he couldn't shoot hoops. The Globetrotters have enjoyed >20,000 exhibition games in 118 countries and I remember seeing them at the Oakland Coliseum when I must have been six or seven (that was also when the Golden State Warriors were good - they had all-white Rick Barry swooshing net. He was not Jewish. I don't think Bubbles Hopkins was either). Moe was a big basketball player too and rumour was he coulda been a contender back in the day when height was subservient to skill. Moe had a rim behind his house in St Louis, which I saw some years ago with him during my cousin DD's wedding.

Eitan and I prepare for tonight's World Cup Qualifier vs. Belarus. This should be a win for us but with England one never knows; adding to the uncertainty eam-captain John Terry remains injured (back) while left back Ashley Cole joins him on the bench with a hamstring pull. Come on England!