Saturday, October 25


With Kevin Rily as QB all the way, the Bears handle UCLA at Memorial Stadium (sans hippies in the trees - we will get our athletic extension folks. Earthquakes be damned). Even Katie notes that the Bruins "are pansys" and she should know being at the game and all; before that my parents host a pre-kickoff party for 30 (touchdown Bears! as I write making it 41-13). It is a nice fourth quarter, which I listen to online following dinner at the Gaucho Grill in Richmond overlooking the Thames. The kids are with the Agster tonight allowing us a romantic and yuful evening to ourselves (of course Bears first - Sonnet awake upstairs). Over dinner we discuss kids and parenting, past girl-friends, Microsoft (not sure why) and middle-aged banality. I love looking across the white table at Sonnet who listens to my wine-soaked stories and puts back interesting ones herself. We hold hands walking riverside to the car, remarking on a lovely London. Final score Cal 41, UCLA 20.

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