Monday, September 15


Christian arrives early Saturday and Eitan and I meet him at the airport (he's wearing Brazil BTW). 

 From there, and despite jet-lag, we head for the pitch to watch the kids play football. It is the first practice since summer and the kids turn out in new colors and different groups. Madeleine remains one of a few girls but does not care: she is happy when muddy. Eitan picks up where he left off scoring the first goal for his side - threading a few defenders then - bang! - the upper left of the net. 

We nod our head and stroke our chin: the boy has talent. From the park Sonnet makes lunch and we watch Cal lose to Maryland - the first Bears game I have ever seen on TV whilst in England. And they get blown out despite being 14 point favorites. When. Will. I. Learn. Still, in our favor, the UC won its battle against the tree-sitters and will soon build a state-of-the-art athletic centre attached to the stadium and 30 feet from a fault line (what me worry?). This should help Cal recruit. A bigger problem remains USC - they could probably beat a pro team - who dismantled #5 Ohio State 35-3. Rose bowl distinctly unlikely. Like ever.