Sunday, August 24

Last Blog 'Til London

The last day of this moving circus awaits: over-night return to London and the normal routine, whatever that means following this endless summer. We celebrate a gorgeous day by the pool until the kids scrape - I watch from the start to finish as they move from joyful play to annoyance to fisticuffs. In this instance, Madeleine throws the first timid slap then thrown-goggles, fists and finally Eitan twists Madeleine's swim suit until she screams murder and I am forced to put my book down. I order them banished from the water and each walk off in a huff. I return to our room to find Madeleine standing in the hall-way glaring. I remind her that she, in fact, raised the stakes by "going physical" (which she denies, of course). I think everybody tired and ready for their own bed after a fabulous family holiday.

Our hotel is poised and cocked with Demo greeters at reception. I greet them and we discuss politics - Denver is excited, oh boy. The last time the Rocky Mountains hosted a national political convention BTW was in 1908 when Denver held the DNC (despite the buzz and all, there is nothing more deserted than a hotel on a Sunday at mid-day when the sun is shining - which of course, Dear Reader, is where we are and trying to make a get-away). I learn that the convention brings >50,000 delegates, politicians, media and political enthusiasts and circus animals from, like, everywhere. The city has 38,000 hotel rooms with nearly 17,000 rooms held for convention week so presumabely some of these folks will shack up together. The lucky ones at least. The hottest ticket in town is Barack's acceptance speech at Mile High Stadium - the DNC received >60,000 ticket requests within 24 hours of their availability, according to the Denver Post. Bring it on, baby. Bring it on.