Sunday, July 6


Sonnet and I are in Islington last night for Anthony's 33rd birthday (the kid is sooo young). Aggie babysits. The party is at a way cool bar, and the theme is to dress like we did ten years ago - pictured (I think). This BTW is when Anthony arrived in London. Interestingly I learn that he came to London from Australia via NY and Paris, where he arrived with a dime to his name and could barely make the distance from the airport to the youth hostel (I comment encouragingly: "you were living by your wits" - yes, we were drinking and my clever comment doesn't sound particularly clever now). From there, Ant befriended another Aussie - and presto! - he's a waiter. Today he works for a software company and heads up the UK business (says his profile: "Not cool enough to be a bartender. Too cool to be a geek." I might argue with the first statement). So before the par-tay Sonnet and I have dinner at a romantic Frenchie - Islington being one of the coolest neighborhoods in London there is great people watching. It is young and scruffy - unshaved lads, sexy little outfits and striving yuf and slacker dudes. Sonnet and I looked at flats in this area before settling in leafy Maida Vale- part of us wishes we had been on the edgier part of town, so fun to visit now. And of course we are the oldest couple at the party, if not the bar. Ah, well.