Tuesday, October 9


Sonnet and I catch the Editors last night at the Brixton Academy - pictured (Christian and I saw them recently at San Francisco's Fillmore). The concert is sold out and probably the biggest the band has played. Matching the moment is loud- very loud- rock and roll snatching influences from Joy Division and The Cure. Our date begins at a cool gastro-pub underneath the rail tracks and we watch the interesting people sail by including blacks, the ubber cool and down-and-outs, models and beggars - in other words, this is an up-and-coming part of London and still raw. 

Brixton's ethnic mix is striking and African-Carib. Unlike whitie, the brothers live their lives on the street corner talking, selling, hustling, smoking and gossiping. Our block has no similar gathering point unless you count the school drop. Brixton has no public space yet masses of people making a cramped, urban feel. The neighborhood is famous for its riots in the '80s, jerk chicken and weekend markets where one can buy halal meat, a pink wig or just about anything.