Tuesday, September 4

St Paul's

I take this photo of Wren's Dome during intermission at The Globe, which spills onto the Thames embankment. Hidden by the dark are the cranes, which blight the skyline and seem to be everywhere - confirming London's growth, wealth and status (I fear the city becomes sanitised like Manhattan). My friend Tim Jackson once said: "Cities become beautiful 200 years into their decline" which holds mostly true for Europe, anyway. The crossway is the Millennium Bridge.

Sonnet double-books a private tour of her Fashion Now for Eitan and Madeleine's school and the deaf. Unfortunately both have been announced to the public publicly and the show ends September 23. What to do? What to do.

Today is the first day back to school. Eitan is up at 0600, dressed in his school colours and in our bedroom raring to go. Madeleine sleeps in - just another day, ho hum.