Friday, September 7


I pick up Madeleine yesterday evening and we head to the pool (Eitan has a play-date). Madeleine's swimming has come a long way and she is able to touch the pool floor on the deep-end - 3.5 meters. She is also adjusting to her new classroom with teacher Ms. Reynolds, who taught Eitan last year. I tell Ms. Reynolds at drop-off this morning: "Same family, different personalities" and she chuckles. Already Madeleine says class is boring: "all we do is sit around all day." Well, anyway, yesterday she learned that a bear lowers its head when it is angry and ready to charge and that bear cubs are defenseless, a word she asks me to explain to her. Madeleine also works on her "summer journal" pasting photographs into her hand-made scrap book complete with descriptions only she understands.