Saturday, September 15

Pitch perfect

Eitan and I are up early for sports. We walk early to the Bank of England sports club in Richmond where Eitan has joined the swimming team. From there we have an hour before football so we pack tennis rackets and do some drills in Palewell Park. Finally his favorite - football! - and he plays well following the summer break. All the boys, and us dads, are happy to re-unite and talk about the summer and property values. Middle age, baby.

I find my giant Snicker's bar in Eitan's candy chest. I ask him how it got there and he sheepishly tells me that he took it from the freezer. I say that if he can steal my candy, I can steal his - unless, of course, I find the Snickers bar returned to its place. He contemplates this seriously: is a giant Snickers in hand worth two from the pile? He wisely puts it back.

Eitan: "I want to play for Manchester United when I grow up!"

Before Madeleine's first try at Stage Coach, a performance art class, I tell her it's going to be great. Says she matter-of-factly: "It might not be, dad."