Wednesday, September 5

Olympics 2012

OK, it is a little premature but Eitan is trying out for the Wandsworth Swimming Club this Saturday (Madeleine is too young). Unfortunately for me and my unfulfilled athletic aspirations, London is not a swimming friendly town unlike, say, Mission Viejo or Fort Lauderdale. Most U.K. pools were built sometime around or shortly after The War and many are 33 meters (vs the standard 25 or 50m) and indoors - yuk. Despite this, England's squad has produced some recent world class competitors including David Davies (14:45 in the 1500m) and Christie Balfour (1:07 in the 100m breast-stroke). For the Olympics, lottery dollars are going into sports generally including swimming so there is a chance the home advantage will produce results (unlike the England football team). Eitan's sport is football anyways, which is perfectly sensible considering the tedium of laps and the 0500 wake-ups. Photo of Michael Phelps from U.S. Swimming.

Erik Zehender arrives yesterday from Stuttgart after ten hours on his Harley Davidson motorcycle. Erik and I have known each other since The Mighty First Boston, beginning our first after-college jobs in 1989. After First Boston, Erik collected his MBA at Chicago and went to Goldman Sachs in Frankfurt where he learned German on the job (Erik has always been tougher than me). The past four years he has travelled the world climbing mountains in every continent excluding Antarctica, and including the Alps, Himalayas, Tien Shan, Andes, Alaskan and Patagonian ranges. His goal, he says, was to climb the prettiest peaks in each of these ranges. He stays with us in London while checking out neighborhoods and next finance jobs in the City.