Thursday, August 30


Eitan loves a hamburger. This photo taken at the McBurger on Putney High Street, after which I take the kids to have their eyes checked. Over lunch we discuss the concept of "a strategy" as Eitan eats his least to most favorite items in order. For instance, Eitan's Happy Meal strategy is to eat his chips, then chicken nuggets and finally his cheeseburger. He does this at every meal - veggies first, then potatoes or starch and finally the meat or fish or whatever he likes best. Madeleine is a bit perplexed when I ask her for an example and she tells me her lunch strategy is "to eat with my mouth." I suppose this may qualify but the limited alternatives in her example to some kind of an outcome does not really seal the point (I tell her). Despite me, Madeleine enjoys her Happy Meal.