Sunday, June 3

Richmond Park

We goof around in Richmond Park which is all fun and games until Eitan disobeys Sonnet and plays on a compost pile. That's it! - no ice cream. The rest of the afternoon we listen to winging, whining and even begging which desists only after Madeleine has finished her choice. At some point, both kids explore while Sonnet and I read the newspapers on our orange picnic blanket. Madeleine races up to announce: "rattle snakes!" When I ask where, she replies breathelessly "everywhere dad! They are guarding the forest!" Eitan tells me it is just like Terabithia.

Madeleine has a new mood ring and I ask her about the colours: Sad? "definitely blue." Happy? "that's a yellow one." How about excited? "well, when I'm excited its brown and all the colours mixed together!"