Friday, June 15

Fair Tomorrow

The Summer Fair which I am organising, is nigh and tomorrow represents three months hard-work by the school community. The mums, and some dads, are out in full force today setting up and installing their stalls, shows, dances, parades, games, stages and other activities. Angie Best will open the grounds at 12 noon Saturday and then it's a free-for-all. Today, in preparation, is a strangely named "Muftie" which is an English thing where the children don't have to wear their school kit. Instead, the kids arrive in cowboy and cowgirl outfits (some Indians too). Madeleine shows off her pink cowboy boots and pink western shirt from Colorado (all the mums coo over the boots) and wears her red bandanna train-robber style - I tell her she looks like Jesse James which she does not like (He's a BOY, dad!). Eitan sports his red cowboy hat and we all look fab. The program cover pictured selected from a school competition.