Tuesday, May 15

White Shirt Club

Here we are this evening at our favorite local which, conveniently, is two minutes from our house and has a play-area for the kids. There is a coal fireplace for the winter or grey London spring. Today I'm up at 0415 to catch the second flight out of Heathrow to Zurich. I have several meetings then catch the return arriving home by 1700. As I tell Sonnet: "at least I got to wear my new tie." I might also add snobbishly - at least it isn''t Cleveland.

Sonnet to Madeleine: "Do NOT shout out the window at the Tesco Man!" (Tesco being the grocery delivery).

Madeleine finds a slug: "Can we bring it home and keep it as a pet dad?"

Madeleine climbs to the top of a tree: "Woo-hoo! I'm on top of the world!"