Sunday, April 29


Brit shoppers will spend £42 billion online this year - up 35X from 2000's £800MM during the Internet "bubble." According to Internet research group IMRG, 860MM parcels will be shipped to Britain's 26MM Internet customers in 2006. Each will receive, on average, 33 packages over the year. Online shoppers are expected to splash out £1,600 per surfer in 2007 when IMRG guesses that the global Internet shopping marketplace will equal £250 billion. Pictured is the Apricot F1 personal computer which was U.K. released in '83 based on the Intel 8086 microprocessor running at 4.77MHz with 256KB of RAM and two floppy disc drives. The Apricot could not store one MP3 file (my photo from the WWW).

This morning I show Eitan how to construct a paper-airplane using Todd Price's classic design back in the day on San Ramon from 1974. Life was good and I recall standing on our pink porch watching our simple creations circle around and through (and in) the trees. Eventually we graduated to model-rocket kits and other heart-quickening pursuits. Eitan tells me that he will take his planes to show-and-tell.

"There's a lot of weirdos on the Internet." Miss Texas Teen USA (during 1998 pageant)