Saturday, March 3


Teddy the bear
Eitan takes this photo of Teddy, who has been with us since 2001 when he was chosen from the town hall market in Topsham, Exeter. It was love at first sight. Eitan continues his cherished friendship and will not go to bed without the bear. Part of the ritual used to be a thumb-suck and a grip on the left ear (right in the photo) and we can see the wear-and-tear (Eitan stopped sucking his thumb six months ago when we agreed that I would give up beer). Further strain to Teddy has come from the washing machine and life. I now call him "Open Heart Teddy" while Sonnet rolls her eyes.

Madeleine, in a serious voice, confides to me: "Dad, I learned on TV - and I am not happy about it - that Scooby Doo is going to be on every day." (Madeleine was once frightened by the cartoon)

Madeleine: "Do you know what day I wish it was? Halloween, Christmas and Easter!"

Eitan: "I don't want to go over there to see the deer because they poo a lot."

Eitan: "Dad I know how to use the (TV) remote control. Now I do not need you any more."