Wednesday, March 28


This rather serious and urban invitation is to the Sonnet's NY Fashion at the V&A. Tres cool.

I drop the kids off at school this morning and remain for a real treat: Springtime Assembly. The school children have been practicing their lyrics for songs including "Doe
a deer, a female deer. Ray, a drop of Golden Sun..." and other seasonal classics. The school hall fills to capacity and media recorders fight for position above the head-line. As I sit in the front row, Eitan studiously avoids all eye-contact. Madeleine, on the other-hand, lights up when I look in her direction and waves away.

When I threaten the kids last night with the "nuclear option", ie, take the television to the dump, Eitan squarely rebuts: "Yeah, so, you watch more television than anyone. Dinner, weekend, sleeping!" Madeleine cries just thinking about it.