Monday, March 26


Here I am on Madison Avenue at Rockefeller Center. Katie and I spend yesterday walking Manhattan and recovering (at least me) from a few cocktails and a late night capped by the re-run "Jerry Maguire" on late-night t.v. Behind me is 30 Rock -the centerpiece of Rockefeller Center at 70 floors and 266 meters. Once known as the RCA Tower, the building was renamed in the 1980s after GE re-acquired RCA which it helped found in 1919. The skyscraper is the headquarters of NBC and houses most of the network's New York studios, including the legendary Studio 8H, home of Saturday Night Live. The Rainbow Room is on the top floor. Unlike most Art Deco towers built in the 1930s, the GE Building was constructed as a slab with a flat roof, where the Center's observation deck, the Top of the Rock is located, which was first built in 1933. It spans from the 67-70th floors. On the 70th floor, reached by both stairs and elevator, there is a 20-foot wide viewing area, allowing visitors a unique 360-degree panoramic view of New York City. It's a good place to impress a date.