Saturday, January 20


Two days in Paris finds me with Astorg. We have meetings with CAM, an asset manager from Cologne, and the Feri Trust who's fortune originates from the Quandt family who founded Bavarian Motor Works (BMW). I usually find time for a favorite run: Faubourg hotel to Place de la Concord then thru the Tuileries gardens and past the Louvre, Left Bank on the Seine to La Cite where I salut Notre Dame (pictured) and back. Usually when the sun rises and a great way to start the day. This time, however, no time to spare and my trainers stay in the suitcase. The kids want me to bring them back croissants but no way.

Madeleine has "graduated" to the next level of football, so she and Eitan play (thankfully) at the same time freeing up an hour on Saturday morning. Today, she manages two clean break-aways, tearing across the pitch kicking the ball a step ahead. Her goal-shots straight at the startled keeper - no goal! - but her will is there. Eitan's side wins three to nil, and Eitan and pal Bertie produce two of the outcome. Useful work boys.

After soccer, the kids complain about a bath and are foced to my will. The water turns quite yellow: "See - you really did need a bath!" I say, at the same instant thinking - is that pee in the tub? Eitan denies, but Madeleine refuses to answer the question. I tell her we all enjoy peeing in the tub, but it is better done in the toilet. She informs me matter-of-factly: "everybody pees in the swimming pool dad. Even the adults." How she would know this, I don't know nor care to think about.