Thursday, September 7


England striker Peter Crouch scores the decisive goal at 46 minutes in England's 1-0 victory over Macedonia (photo from The Sun). What is remarkable about this over-the-head shot is Crouch's size: at 6'7'' he is easily the largest (and gangliest) player on the pitch. Still, Crouch has put 11 balls in the net since donning his England cap 14 games ago. When not for England, he plays for Liverpool. Ok, we'll forgive the silly post-score "robot" moves pre-World Cup. The guy is for real.

Sonnet leaves for New York City today, and will stay with Aunt Marcia in Bronxville and Katie on the Upper West Side. She is attending NY Fashion Week, and will see many of the designers, and their shows, profiled in her book "New York Fashion." Eitan started Year 1 (Kindgergarten or "Big Boys School") Tuesday, and reports that "it's fine", while not relinquishing any further data. Madeleine begins reception, at the same school, on the 12th and enjoys extra time with Aggie until then. Yesterday they were at Kew Gardens for a picnic and day before Lego Land. Lucky kid.