Sunday, September 24


Two years ago, Sonnet discovers a working farm in Bucks where we and the kids can pick blackberries, pears, plums and of course apples, depending on the time of late summer. Today, we return for the raspberries, which are red and fat in the warm Indian summer morning sun. Eitan and Madeleine compete to fill their baskets - I charge Eitan 1p per berry, which at first he's OK with, then his sensibilities take over. Upon being fired, I take my services to Madeleine, which draws a howl of protest from him. Dana, Nathan and Dakota join us for a picnic on the farm grounds, while Sonnet prepares to make a fruit tart for tonight. Lucky us!

Madeleine systematically pours water on to the floor during bathtime tonight. When discovered: "really, mom - it was an accident."