Saturday, August 26

Almighty sandcastle

The walk to the dunes is about one mile, then they reach upwards to 750 feet (26/8/06). Eitan was keen to climb to the top with me, but petered out to re-join Sonnet and Madeleine who are walking at a slower pace. From mid-way, the kids roll down sand embankments of 50 feet, screaming with glee. The temperature today is a pleasant early fall-like 85 degrees - during summer's peak in July the sands reach 140 or higher. Afterwards, we visit a roadside cafe called appropriately "The Oasis" and have a late lunch including home-made cherry and coconut cream pie. Yum.

We drive back to Beecher's cabin in Cachara, and the kids fight in the back of the car, forcing me to pull off the side of the road to swipe at them. They remain "wired", and I take them through a series of yoga deep breathing excercises to calm them down. Both kids have been sleeping soundly, especially Madeleine who seems to devour it - waking up sometimes at 10AM, sleeping on average 12 hours a night.