Monday, July 31

Shashone Drive

This photograph taken at my parent's cabin near Dorrington (pop. 9) and Bear Valley (pop. 150) (29/7/06). The property was purchased in 1984 with the Farnsworth and Saperstein families, who designed the place to spec. Our road is off route 4, a two lane black-top that is closed for four months of the year due to snow at Ebbett's Pass (elev. 8,500 feet). This presents a 60 mile dead-end, which has slowed the pace of development and traffic, and so the area retains its peace and scenic beauty. While we have enjoyed it here since highschool, it is equally suited for Eitan and Madeleine who revel in the general freedom to explore the outdoors (at least within a 100 yard radius).