Tuesday, July 25


I arrived in California Sunday, July 16 to do a few days work for the Walden fund, then welcomed the kids at SFO on the 19th. After a night in Berkeley, we headed south to L.A. for Catherine Majkit's wedding to Peter Ciao (more on this later). Here, I photograph the Disney Opera House in dowtown Los Angeles. We are connected to the Performing Arts Center of Los Angeles County via Sonnet's uncle Shelton Stanfill who was President and Chief Executive until 2001 when he left to run the Woodruff Center in Atlanta. Among other things, Shelton was responsible for funding the development of the music hall, famously designed by Frank Gehryand today home of the Philharmonic Opera. Our visit was yesterday, Sunday, so we had downtown to ourselves and could fully appreciate the beauty, and wackiness, of Gehry's design.